The Pacific Northwest HSP Network
A social network and support group system for Highly Sensitive People in the Pacific Northwest
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Created: 2006.12.09
Last updated: 2013.07.22

If you are reading these words, chances are that you're a Highly Sensitive Person. Perhaps you arrived here as a result of a google search, perhaps someone referred or invited you here, or perhaps you found a link on another web site. Whatever brought you here, welcome!

The information on this web site offers some background information about being an HSP, what that is and is not, why HSPs benefit from befriending their peers, how this site came into being, the Network membership application process and how the network operates.

If you want to bypass all that reading, there's also a "short version page" OR you can just go directly to the membership application here.

The Pacific Northwest HSP Network is part social network, part support group, part informational site, and part meeting and contact point for Highly Sensitive People living in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska.

One central purpose of the Network is to offer HSPs in the region a "safe haven" where we can make contact and share ideas with, as well as find support from, fellow HSPs in cyberspace. This web site is merely an introduction and gateway to the Network, itself.

The Network's other major purpose is to serve as a "jumping off point" for HSPs across our region to make connections and potentially form local social and support groups for HSPs, off the Internet. Think of it as a central "bulletin board" to help us find each other.
Have a look around!

Perhaps the idea of groups for a highly sensitive person sounds completely "backwards" to you. Read the Why HSP Groups? page to see why we believe HSPs benefit from a peer support network. Not sure if you're really an HSP? The Am I really an HSP? page can help you figure it out, and point you to more information.

The How does it work? page goes into greater detail about the features of the Pacific Northwest HSP Network, and what you could gain from membership. Membership is completely free, by the way, in case you were wondering. The About us page offers some "deeper background" on how this site came into being, as well as an explaination of how a deeply introverted and very private HSP got into the business of bringing together HSPs from around the world.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you as a network member!

P.S.: If you came here looking for the Port Townsend HSP Group, please click here.

In July of 2013 we celebrated our Fifth Anniversary! We now have over 285 HSP members, all of whom live around the Northwest.